Earning Potential

Earning Potential

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As our franchisees have full power to set their own membership prices, it is difficult for us to give you any exact figures on how much you might earn as a Bodystreet studio owner.

However, you can certainly expect a good return – in the UK, the average traditional gym membership is around £40 per month. Your studio, just like other Bodystreet studios in the UK, can expect to average at least double or more of this amount.

Overheads can vary a great deal too, especially property prices and staffing. For example, you may want to be very much hands-on and deliver training yourself, or take a more managerial role and employ others to work with members. Property prices might be particularly high if you choose a very central location for you studio, but you can also expect greater visibility and local interest as a result.

As part of the process of us learning more about each other, we will carefully examine the potential for earnings and overheads in your chosen territory and help you to prepare a detailed business plan.

We can also guarantee that, as long as you follow our tried and tested system, your new business will break even in 6 months or less. In fact, we are so confident of these figures that if you do not achieve them in this timeframe, we will not charge you any Management Service Fees until such time that you do!

As you expand and develop as a business owner, you may want to consider opening multiple units, and growing your revenue stream even further. Our model is designed be a multi-unit opportunity which brings further rewards.

As a matter of interest almost 70% of our studios in Germany are operated by multi-unit franchisees. Our model rewards your success too. As you expand your management service fee, charged on your studio’s turnover, reduces as your studio income increases.