Market Demand

Market Demand


Market Demand

A Fast-Growing Market

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how big the fitness and wellbeing sector is in the UK. With as many as 1 in 7 people attending some sort of gym or fitness class, the market is huge. That’s just under 10 million customers who regularly spend money at a gym or studio of some description. In 2019, the sector was valued at an impressive £5 billion.

Obviously, this took a huge hit during the pandemic, but the bounce back is likely to put the industry at a much higher level. Covid changed the way many people thought about their health. We are so much more aware now of how our fitness levels affect our ability to fight off disease, and that comes on top of a growing trend in the last few decades of more and more people taking an interest in their physical wellbeing.

The market is set to boom, and it is likely to continue doing so for many years to come. With the huge changes that have come to how we all think about our lives in general, there is also a great deal of potential for businesses like Bodystreet to satisfy a desire for something new and different. There is also a significant and growing trend among consumers to shop around for a programme that suits them, and they are willing to pay extra for something that does.

A Unique Product & Service

As people lead increasingly busy lives, they are looking for smarter ways and workouts that can deliver proven results without the need for spending hours in a gym. With Bodystreet, a 20-minute workout is all it takes, thanks to the incredible effects of EMS combined with the Bodystreet method.

By being able to offer an exercise system that can quickly deliver visible body-shape improvements in a matter of weeks, the demand for our studios is booming. As one of the few companies in the UK that can offer an integrated EMS programme of such a high standard, franchisees have on average 2.3x more members than their competitors.

From its humble beginnings, Bodystreet has rapidly grown into a brand that is synonymous with this kind of service. In Germany, if you say EMS, you mean Bodystreet. We intend to repeat that brand recognition here in the U.K.

If ever there has been a time to get into the fitness sector – it’s now!