What’s the Investment?

What’s the Investment

The Financials

What’s The Investment

The licence fee for a Bodystreet franchise is £19,500 (plus VAT)

On top of this, you will also need to have funds to hire a studio space, make it ready for your business, the equipment, and hire staff. We estimate the total cost of starting your own Bodystreet studio to be £59,950 (plus VAT). In addition to the license fee this includes the studio equipment and fit out, launch marketing, rent deposit (up to £5,000), legal work and working capital. 

Help with Raising Funds

While Bodystreet does not provide financing directly, there are a number of attractive options to help you with your investment.

Start-up Funding – Bodystreet’s business model has been approved for funding through the Government Start-Up loan programme. This means that anyone, with certain criteria being met, can obtain up to £25,000 to invest in a business – this is for each owner / director.

Capital Leasing – Much of the equipment needed for a Bodystreet studio can be sourced via a lease. This form of funding can be very tax efficient.

High Street Bank Business Loans – As Franchising is one of the safest and most secure ways of starting your own business, many lenders rightfully see it as a much lower risk than a completely new start-up, and may be much more inclined to lend you money against your investment. You may need to be able to demonstrate having liquid capital for at least £10,000, and your own credit rating and financial history will be taken into account.

Profit Guarantee –  We are so confident of a return on investment for your money – provided you follow all of our systems and methodology, of course – that we guarantee your success. Simply put: we guarantee that your business will achieve an operating breakeven in six months or less from opening. If you don’t achieve this, we will suspend your Management Service Fee until you do. So, it is in both of our interest that your business is successful from the start.


Ongoing Costs

Of course, the vast majority of the money you make as a studio owner stays with you, but there are some ongoing costs associated with being a franchisee.

Bodystreet charges a Management Service Fee of 9% of your gross annual turnover and a National Marketing Ad Levy of 2% of your annual turnover.