Your Training

Your Training

Getting Started

Your Training 

Starting your own business is a very important personal journey and if you decide to take that journey with Bodystreet, you will be backed every step of the way. It all begins with our thorough and extensive training programme that has been perfected over many years of helping our franchisees build their own successful businesses.

You will start with a 1-day orientation in one of our established studios before beginning a 2-week self-learning programme, during which you will begin to cover all the basics of the business and how a Bodystreet studio works.

You will then move onto our “Startschulung”, or Start School. This will be part digital, and part face-to-face, depending on your location and circumstances, and will focus on more of the specifics of running your business.

This will be followed by a 5-day placement in a teaching studio so that you can gain some valuable hands-on experience. Three weeks prior to your grand opening, we will also come into your studio to provide your new team with the training they need.

Our comprehensive training package will include:

How to deliver our fitness programme

This will cover every aspect of providing the boutique studio service that the Bodystreet brand is famous for. If you need it, we will also get you qualified as a Fitness Instructor before you begin trading. In addition, we will ensure that you and your team are fully trained in all the Health and Safety regulations and best practice associated with running a studio.

How to build a successful team

We help you with the search, interviews, HR needs and training and development. We’ve partnered with YMCA Fit as our apprenticeship provider, to create opportunities for those who wish to study right up to junior management and a foundation degree in business.

Marketing, Sales, PR

You will benefit from all our experience in promoting Bodystreet and the service to potential customers, promoting your studio in the local area, and retaining your customers in the long term.

Operations Training

We will take you through all the day-to-day procedures and operations required for running your studio and managing your team. You will also be trained in how to make best use of all our IT systems and membership model, as well as receiving a through grounding in Bookkeeping, Invoice Processing, and Credit Control.

Business and Financial Planning

Our accounting partners will provide you the support you need to set up your new business as well as register your business with HMRC and Companies House.  They will also provide you with the specialist training to help you manage your business from a financial perspective. We will show you how to plan your business strategy, and tailor that plan to grow your franchise at a healthy rate whilst making sure you remain in complete control at all times.

At the end of the initial training process, you will be required to sit and pass an exam. This is not to test and grade you, as such, but rather to make sure that you have understood everything that is required of you and assess if you need any further training.

You’ll be opening your studio before you know it!