Your Bodystreet Studio


With demand for our service booming, and the growing reputation of our brand around the world, there has never been a better time to open a Bodystreet studio in your area.

As a concept that has only recently begun to revolutionise the fitness industry in the UK, this is a franchise opportunity that is still wide open. There are hundreds of potential locations around the country still waiting for a Bodystreet studio!

We genuinely believe that our concept can work almost anywhere in the UK with a catchment area of approximately 20,000 people. That could be city centres, suburbs, small towns, or even more rural locations depending on local transport links.

Of course, when we look at a potential territory, we also look at the demographics of the area. We want to give you the best possible chances for success, so will be looking to help you setup in locations that have the right mix of people to form a strong customer base that you can continue to grow far into the future.

Depending on the area, there may even be an option to open multiple sites once your initial business has been successfully established. The Bodystreet business model is designed with scalable growth in mind, and a great number of our franchisees are now multiple unit operators.

Whether you already have a territory in mind, or are just interested in learning where franchisee opportunities might be available, the best thing to do is to contact us. We can let you know if there are any franchisees already operating, or about to open, in a preferred area, and also advise you on developing a business plan to make your new territory a success.