Our Story

Our Story

The Bodystreet Business

Our Story

Bodystreet began in 2007, in Munich, Germany, and was founded on the desire to provide an alternative approach to fitness. While many people will join a gym at some point in their lives, few stick with it. Many are put off by big gym environments, or are just not getting the results they want to see. Other still struggle to fit a quality and effective workout into their busy schedules.

The founders of Bodystreet wanted to address this problem and offer something truly unique that would forever change how people think about achieving their fitness goals. This was achieved by creating smaller, boutique studios that could offer a faster, 20-minute workout that combines personal training with Electro-Muscular Stimulation (EMS). This new workout helps customers stay fit and improve their body shape without all the time and stress required from a more conventional regime.

As the first fitness provider to offer EMS in a consumer-friendly way, the new concept was an immediate success. Bodystreet continued to hone and perfect its service over the next two years, watching their membership numbers grow beyond their expectations. Realising their successful model could be replicated almost anywhere in the country, and beyond, the owners decided to open up their business as a franchise opportunity. After just one year of franchising, Bodystreet had already expanded to 43 locations right across Germany, with more than 4,000 members.

Over the next decade, the Bodystreet franchise expanded to 6 other countries, with its first studio opening in the UK in 2016. It can now boast more than 300 studios, and 40,000 members, providing a staggering 160,000 individual workouts every month. The Bodystreet brand has become synonymous with EMS fitness training, and has built a world-class reputation for success, both for its customers and its franchisees.

Are you ready to be part of the future of the fitness industry?