If you’re passionate about health and wellbeing, craving flexibility in your career, or perhaps seeking a new challenge, the Bodystreet franchise model might be for you.

Of course, the prospect of investing in a franchise can be daunting, so here’s an easy summary of what a franchise is, and what it means for you.

What Is The Franchise Model?

The franchise model is extremely simple and effective. A ‘franchisee’ (you!) pays the franchisor (Bodystreet) a set fee to distribute trademarked products and services.

All Bodystreet locations are owned by franchisees. It means that they are obligated to deliver Bodystreet services that meet company standards, and in return they get the best systems, tools, and support to run their studios.

I Want To Take On A Franchise. What Does This Mean For Me?

Investing in a franchise is different to starting a business. Here’s what owning one would mean for you:

The Business

Unlike a start-up where you have the task of developing a brand from scratch, franchising gives you unique access to an already established business model. Bodystreet is known and loved by customers across the UK and Europe – meaning that investing with us is lower-risk. It’s a great option for when you have less business experience and enjoy learning on the job!

The Operator

The operator is you. You will be in charge of the day-to-day running of your business, including cost-management, marketing, hiring, and employee wellbeing. If you’re fed up with working under someone else, or want to turn your passion into a career, franchising is a popular way to get your foot on the ladder – especially when entering a competitive industry like health and fitness.

The Licence

The licence is what gives you the right to operate under a brand. Most franchises, including Bodystreet, require you to pay an upfront fee alongside a monthly management service fee. Of course, big investments come with big responsibility (from both sides), which is why at Bodystreet we offer profit guarantee. This means that if you don’t breakeven in six months or less from opening, we will suspend your management service fee until you do. You can learn more about Bodystreet investment here.

The Resources

One of the biggest advantages you get from investing in a franchise is the level of support you receive from the franchisor. Investing in Bodystreet will give you access to a network of business savvy professionals who can help your studio, your entrepreneurship, and your overall progress.

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider?

The franchise route isn’t for everyone, and there are things you should consider before making the leap:

Creative Freedom

The Bodystreet franchise follows strict guidelines and standards. These are in place to protect the image of the brand and forge consistencies between each studio something to consider if you’re an entrepreneur with creative enthusiasm!


Being a business owner has many rewards, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. After all, you’ll be the one making big decisions – both exciting and uncomfortable.

Start-Up Cost

Investing in a franchise involves various startup costs, so you need to carefully consider if the investment you’re making is right for you. Bodystreet offers support throughout those first steps, including identifying the best location for your studio, negotiating with landlords, and full training for both you and your staff.

Why Bodystreet?

Why Bodystreet? With so many franchises out there, what gives us a cut above the rest? Well, we’ve been around since 2007, so believe us when we say we know how to pioneer the health and fitness industry. Our success is echoed by 300 studios in seven countries, and 40,000 loyal members. You have the power to add to that 40,000 by investing in our brand.

To learn more about the Bodystreet franchise and how it can help your career, make sure to register for our information brochure and prospectus.